Communicating with Loved Ones while Abroad

A major component of nomadic traveler is the isolation that is typically involved. This is most definitely evident every time you move on from one place to the next without ever staying long enough to create a long-lasting connection with any of the local people. However, that isolation while traveler only applies to new strangers and acquaintances that you meet along your journey. But what about the loved ones that are back “home” living out their own lives in your absence?

Although you may be living out your dreams as a wandering traveler, it is very important to stay in touch with family and friends back home in some way, shape or form. This is especially true considering just how easy it is you as a traveler to lose track of time. In what may just feel like a few short weeks could in reality be many months of travel and adventure, and if you do not make it a point to let your family know how you are doing all that time, it not only will leave them wondering what you are doing, but could potentially make them worried.

Do not get into that situation and make sure to constantly update your family on your adventures. The best way to do that in today’s day and age is either through email or through Facebook (especially Facebook Stories). Both of these options are great because all you need is simple Wi-Fi access to be able to send an email or post your photos on Facebook for your family and friends to see. Most times phones do not work while abroad, meaning you cannot easily text or call them whenever you feel the need, so relying on the internet to communicate is key.

So what if you don’t have internet access where you are at? Then you definitely should go back to the good old-fashioned method of sending postcards or handwritten notes back home. Although this may seem like an inconvenience to you, keep in mind that doing so will ultimately be a more personal way of sending thoughts to your family and showing them how much you are thinking of them, compared to sending an email or posting on Facebook. Plus, sending a postcard will be more aligned with your general lifestyle of living without technology that you almost certainly are following if you are living the nomadic lifestyle.

Regardless of how you communicate with your loved ones while abroad, the key thing to remember is to always make sure to actually do it. It is not that hard to find a few minutes a week to give an update to your family and friends, so don’t be that person who doesn’t stay in touch on a regular basis. Whether you are all the way out in the middle of nowhere, or just across the country, the sentiment that comes with letting your family and friends know that you are thinking about them is truly invaluable and something that will give them joy while you are miles and miles away.