Key Items to Bring On Your Travels

When you go on a nomadic adventure, more often than not, you will be away from home and living on your own for very long periods of time (think multiple months or even years in some cases). While there are always places to go to buy things that you may need at a various points in your journey, it makes a lot more sense to pack the absolute essential items that you need to keep you fully prepared for the long journey ahead.

And while we could easily go on and on about how important it is to bring a warm jacket, or essential toiletries and the like, in this article we want to focus on more atypical items that many newcomers to nomadic traveler may not necessarily think about. Hopefully this will help to truly complete your packing checklist so that you are truly prepared for your exciting adventures to come.

The first thing we always suggest bringing is a Swiss Army knife. If you’ve never used a Swiss Army knife up to this point in your life, rest assured that you will definitely be using it at some point on your upcoming travelers. A Swiss Army knife has all sorts of key tools that you will inevitably use at some point or another. The main tool is the “knife” portion which is self-explanatory, being useful for cutting through things such as ropes and other materials, or even food for that matter. The Swiss Army knife also comes with a screwdriver tool and a can opener tool, both of which you very well could need if the situation arises. Those are just three of the many tools that can come with this do-everything gadget, making it quite clear how useful this tool will be on your travels.

Although most people think about bringing maps when they travel to new places, one thing they often don’t think of bringing, yet they should definitely consider bringing is a pocket dictionary. So often people travel to countries where they don’t speak the native language, and just expect to be able to communicate with the locals there using English. While many places that attract tourists often have enough English-proficient speakers that you can communicate with, if you decide to really go off the trail, so to speak, you will inevitably run into someone who does not speak a lick of English. And if you have no way to even attempt to communicate with them in their mother tongue, then you are stuck. Bringing a pocket dictionary can fill most of the language gap fairly effortlessly, just by successfully communicating a few key words.

If you are traveling alone, one thing you cannot neglect is your sexual health. And by health, we really mean sexual pleasure. Although you could theoretically find some locals who would be interested in sleeping with you, the odds are most likely not in your favor (and even if they were, it would be a huge health risk to sleep with a total stranger). Instead, consider bringing a few select sex toys on your journey, to help keep yourself satisfied sexually during the many months (or even years) of no meaningful sexual contact with another human being. If you are too sheepish to go into your local sex toy shop, we recommend Blissful Cherry to fulfill your sex toy shopping online. One key tip is to avoid toys that require charging, as you may not have the best access to places to charge said toys while you are abroad. Sticking with non-electronic toys, or even toys that just use standard batteries are your best bet.

Hopefully with these key items, you will have a much more enjoyable time while traveling the world. And always remember that even if you do not currently have these items (or any other key items that you find that you need), there is nothing stopping you from going out and purchasing them as soon as the opportunity arises, so do not let your journey ever be hampered by a lack of any item that you may need!