The Philippines

If you are looking for a truly nomadic-style adventure, well what could be more fitting than experiencing a new island every day? That is exactly what you can do if you travel to the Philippines, which is a country made up of more than 7,000 islands! With so many things to do in the Philippines, it is an absolutely ideal destination for any nomadic traveler who is serious about experiencing all that the world has to offer!

The Philippines has a wide range of different natural wonders, including beaches and even volcanoes. If you are just starting your journey in the Philippines, we definitely recommend checking out their beautiful beaches. In particular, the island of Boracay is world-famous for their white beaches, and is definitely an island worth checking out if you are looking to enjoying beach-related activities. But even if you don’t visit Boracay specially, just about all the islands of the Philippines allow for activities such as swimming, going out on a boat, scuba diving, or even just relaxing on the beach and getting a tan. Various islands also offer uniquely beautiful rivers that you can ride down on in a boat, or amazing coral reefs that are home to beautiful wildlife just waiting for you to explore! In general, if you are a lover of water-related activities, there is absolutely no shortage of amazing things you can do in the Philippines!

Now for a more unique exhibition of nature (and one that doesn’t involve water), you should check out the island of Luzon which houses the Mayon Volcano. The Mayan Volcano is considered an active volcano, which means if you are lucky, you could see some actual volcanic activity! Luckily for you, the volcano can be seen from miles away at just about any angle, meaning it won’t be difficult to keep a safe distance while still admiring the natural beauty of the volcano itself. The surrounding area is also part of a national park, making the entire area a prime destination to check out in general.

For yet another unique exhibition of nature, the Bohol province is home to the “Chocolate Hills”, a collection of over 1000 hills spread out across approximately 20 square miles. The reason for their name is due to the fact that while the hills are covered in grass, as the dry season comes, the grass turns from green to brown, making them look like chocolate. Although these hills are the landmark of the province, there is actually a whole bunch of things to do in the Bohol province that are definitely worth checking out as well.

And that is actually the story of the Philippines as a whole – while many islands have unique landmarks that draw tourists in, the reality is that each island is full of amazing things to do outside of those key landmarks. Whether those activities involve relaxing on beautiful beaches, taking a hike through the lush green mountains, or even just enjoying the night life of the city itself and the vibrant personalities of the Philippines people, each island has so many great things to offer. Even just a single day on each island would not be enough in most cases, which only goes to show that if you truly want a nomadic adventure that could feasibly last the rest of your life, there is perhaps no better place to do it than the Philippines!